Senior Portraits

A high school senior girl portrait taken in Claremore,           Oklahmoa by Oak Tree PhotographyI enjoy creating timeless portraits of young people as they are coming of age. For many of them, their senior portrait is the first serious portrait they have had since they were in their early years of grade school. So, a senior portrait is an opportune moment to make up for lost time! Well ahead of  the date for the portrait session itself, I meet with the senior and their parents, spending a generous amount of time, not only talking about clothing for portraits and the locations that would enjoy visiting, but, more importantly, getting to know the senior on a personal level. That way, the day of the portraits is a comfortable one for everyone. We have gotten to know each other, and we know we’ll have a good time! My senior portraits are a blend of traditional and fun styles. That way, the senior has cool images to share with their friends. And the parents have classic portraits to display in their home and to pass on to their child to treasure for generations to come. After all, one day the senior really will be a senior, in their 70’s, and their grandchildren will thrill to see what they looked like as they stood on the threshold of their adult life.

Tom Launius, CPP
Oak Tree Photography