Certified Professional Photographer

Trust. It’s all about trust. Does that professional with whom you’re dealing have what it takes to consistently produce at the highest possible level? Accountants can study, be tested, and then become Certified Public Accountants. Registered Nurses can take advanced training, pass rigorous tests, and become certified in a specialized area. Engineers can go beyond their degree, take licensure tests and receive the title of Professional Engineer. When other professionals go the extra mile to become certified, licensed, or credentialed, it gives to the person who might use their services a higher level of confidence that they will be served extremely well. The Professional Photographers of America has provided a path for photographers to show that they are not a “wannabe” or “self-taught” photographer, but that they have met the highest standards of technique, aesthetics, and ethics. This is accomplished through a rigorous program of testing and portfolio review. As someone who has passed all of these tests with flying colors, I am currently the only photographer in Rogers County and one of only ten photographers in the entire metropolitan Tulsa area who is certified! When you come to me as your photographer for that special, family, high school senior, or child portrait, you can be certain that you are dealing, not with a fly-by-night photographer, but with one who is experienced, accomplished, and esteemed by his professional organization. So by all means, please contact me at your earliest convenience, so we may begin to bring the skills and beauty of photography to you and your family.

And, if you’re interested in seeing the images that I submitted for my portfolio review, they are in the gallery below. Enjoy!

Tom Launius, CPP
Oak Tree Photography