The Urban Look

For senior photography, the “urban look” has been around for a while, so much so that it’s almost a cliché. Still, it’s a lot of fun. No senior portrait session is complete these days without at least one jaunt down an alleyway to find some grunge backgrounds and edgy light. Most of my urban photography is done in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but here is a portrait taken in Claremore, just off the backside of downtown. And, the young man isn’t even a high school senior, he’s a “tweenager” named Nathan

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. His Aeropostale t-shirt, the black door, the debris all around, the casual pose, the relaxed expression on his face, the fashion style of natural lighting, all of it works together to make one fine “urban look” portrait. To be honest, portraits like these are usually not Mom’s favorites. But trust me, young people today eat these up: these are the images they want to put on their Facebook page!

Tom Launius
Oak Tree Photography