Woodland Objet Trouvé

Okay, okay, so you probably don’t know what the term “objet trouvé” means in the title of this post. I apologize for pulling out my French in an attempt to be highbrow. But, what can I say? Every portrait photographer is an artiste at heart (oops! there’s that French again!) Hang in there, I’m getting around to explaining what “objet trouvé” means: it’s French for “found object”. It refers to the artistic impulse that arises when an artist “finds” an “object” that inspires their creativity. In this case, for yours truly, what I found in the woods at the Reserve behind Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma was a tiny red leaf, and an even smaller green leaf, snug on a stump with fungi growing on it. Compelled by this juxtoposition (oops, another highbrow word!) I spent two hours (TWO!) shaping the light just right, dealing with the whipping wind and, most of all, trying to discover the artistic composition within this “found object” in the winter woods on a chilly day. Below you see the results. Judge for yourself if this “objet trouvé” was meriting of an artistic inspiration!

Tom Launius
Oak Tree Photography