A Natural “Portrait”

I love to photograph. I do! I wouldn’t be a professional photographer if I didn’t. So, when the slow winter months come along, I chafe. I want to be photographing! But, outdoor portraiture is a bit slow in the winter (I wonder why!?) So, when a mild day came my way today, I headed to the woods. To be specific, the Nature Reserve on the campus of Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma. There were no people to photograph, of course, so I photographed nature. The seed that you see in the photograph below is tiny in real life—about the size of a pin head. And the twig it’s attached to is the length of a pin. So, I used a “macro” lens to focus extremely close on the seed and thereby make it much larger in the final image.

I like this image. I like the ruddy red in the seed, the yellow in the lichen, the rough bark of the tree, and the woody vine bisecting the image half way up. The funny thing is that, even though this is a natural object and not a person, I always end up photographing aspects of nature as though they were a person. To me, this seed twig is like a high school senior, standing tall and relaxed. Or like an elderly gentlemen leaning towards the sun. Or, maybe this seed twig is me(!) looking forward to the coming spring, when I’ll once again be busy making great portraits out of doors.

Tom Launius
Oak Tree Photography