Once a Season

As a professional photographer, I pride myself on always getting great portraits at every portrait session. After all, that is the very definition of a professional: not someone who gets lucky every now and again, or who can capture images only under optimal conditions, but someone who can consistently, reliably, capture great images, even if the weather is not so hot, or the subjects are feeling a bit camera shy, or there are unexpected stresses. Nevertheless, there are those moments when the photography gods are smiling, and there is a conjunction of a beautiful subject, a lovely surrounding, a kiss of light, and a fetching expression, all to the end that a portrait of superlative qualities is produced. So it was with Taylor. She and her parents and I had been having fun together in Claremore, Oklahoma, at a variety of lovely locations, and when we arrived at the one that is behind Taylor in the portrait, she was relaxed and comfortable. We’d become friends. And so I was able to create one of what I call “portraits of the season”: a portrait that, for a variety of reasons, stands head and shoulders above all the other portraits taken, in this case, during the fall of 2011. Now, as you’ve read this blog post, you also get to enjoy the portrait. Fortunately for Taylor and her parents, they’ll enjoy this portrait for generations to come, being as it now hangs as a canvas gallery wrap in their home!

Tom Launius
Oak Tree Photography