Claire’s Second Birthday Card

I enjoy so many aspects of photography: interacting with people, scoping out great locations, composing images that people like and want. But I especially enjoy putting together special products that will take those images to a special place in their lives. Such is the case with Claire. She is an absolute joy to her parents, Charlie and Kristi. So, along with having portraits of her, they wanted to have a fun card to send out by way of announcing her second birthday

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. Drawing upon the expertise of my good friends at White House Custom Color, I tweaked one of their card templates to come up something extra special for Clarie and her family. I hope that you enjoy looking at the panels that make up the card. As you do so, please understand that the final card is what is known as a “tri-fold”. So, each of the images in the gallery below is one of the panels in the card. Enjoy!