Bridal Portrait, Done Right!

A Beautiful Bride in Claremore,           OklahomaSometimes you get what you pay for. And such was the sad case with Rachel and her original wedding photographer. Let’s just discretely say that “free wedding photography” can turn into the “high price of cheap”. Her portraits didn’t turn out so well. So Rachel and her mother came to me, asking if I could do some after-the-fact bridal portraits. I was more than willing to oblige. The bride and her gown were still a match made in heaven, the hair stylist and make up artist were once again called upon, and we enjoyed the splendor of a Spring evening with everything green and the sun warm and smiling. The portraits were going along swimmingly, in no small measure because the groom, now a husband, was present and attentive. At one point, when the young husband stood to my right,  I asked the bride to turn towards him and smile. Now, up to this point, she had been looking at the camera and smiling in the direction of the photographer, who would be me. And the smiles were certainly more than acceptable for a portrait. But for her to turn her face towards her beloved and smile…now there was radiance. Her smile showed all the joy of their young life together, and all of the expectation for many years of joy to come.

Tom Launius
Oak Tree Photography