Close Up Photography Class

Fuschia Pink GeraniumYippee! I get to teach again at Tulsa Tech. This time, I’m teaching a course on close up photography. We’ll be using special lenses called “macro” lenses that allow you to get extremely close to small objects and yet still keep them in crisp focus. Of course, in the midst of a gorgeous Oklahoma Spring, what better things are there to photograph than flowers? To maximize our fun, every class will involve a major field trip to a beautiful location in Tulsa. We began at the Rancho Flores Garden Center in Tulsa at 4516 East 31st Street. They had the most amazing array of flowers, a super-abundance of them in stock just in time for the Spring planting season. The staff was exceedingly gracious and I appreciate all that they did for the class. And the class? They had a blast playing in the beautiful evening light that set off the flowers to their full advantage. I enjoyed guiding the class in everything from how to focus, how to light, how to compose. Why, I even got a chance to compose a few images of my own. The geranium to the right is one of mine. Such vibrant colors sure get you in the mood for Spring, don’t they?

The class will meet well into May. With field trips lined up to places like the Tulsa Rose Garden and Mohawk Park, how could we fail to have the time of our lives?!

Tom Launius
Oak Tree Photography