Business Portrait on Steroids

So Tricia met me at my studio estate for a business portrait. Such portraits are usually quick work—put them in front of a backdrop, have them stand tall, lean this way, turn and look here—click, click and you’re done. But Tricia wanted an outdoor business portrait. She brought two outfit changes. She was in no hurry. As we chatted I learned she’d not had senior portraits in high school. I suggested we act like this was a mini-session for a senior. She was agreeable. The evening was unseasonably mild, and the images started great and got better. The end result is the selection you see here. To be honest, I have no idea what she will do with all these images. But I couldn’t help myself—stopping at the bare minimum felt insufferably dull. If the photographer is bored, the images will be boring too. And who wants boring? I have fun during my portrait sessions, and my clients do too

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Tom Launius, CPP