A Match Made in Heaven

More than a few times, I’ve enjoyed the honor of creating portraits for an engaged couple. Being around two people in love is always a treat. But my heavens are Matt and Marti ever  in love! Every fiber of their being glowed with affection as I led them through their portrait session. Whenever there was even the slightest pause in the creation of the portraits, their eyes would turn to each others, their hands would reach out to intertwine, they both would blush in the emotion they each were feeling. As I led them through some poses, the poses didn’t even feel like poses, so naturally did they melt into each other

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. And so both of them, as well as the bride’s mother, were thrilled with how they all turned out. The one shown here is a favorite of theirs—and mine. So much romance, so much joy.

Tom Launius, CPP