Black and White Forever

rachelI love the look that comes when shooting in black and white. With every outdoor senior session I do, I try to find some way to shoot one set of images that way. This calls for extra effort—finding the right light and location, putting up a backdrop, getting the hair light just right, setting the camera to record in black and white—but I find the effort to be well worth the outcome. Because the outcome are these marvelous images that seem to step out of time, capturing a mood or an expression that, for whatever reason, simply do not work when shooting in color. In fact, every now and then, I’ll have a client ask “Could I see that image in color?” and I’ll reply, “I shot them in black and white, so I don’t have a color version to show you, but even if I did, you would see for itself that it works far better in black and white.” Here with this blog post is one of my favorite images from Rachel’s senior portraits. I love the pose, the expression, and the beautiful tonality of the black and white. I was not at all surprised when Rachel and her family loved it too! After all, others sense the special quality and mood that only black and white images cna produce, and they are drawn to them as well.

Tom Launius, CPP