Over the Top Senior Portrait

nathanSome times ya gotta go all out. That’s what I do, when I find out a senior is into sports. There’s a lighting setup for sports photography that has been developed by commercial photographers who shoot for ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Nike, etc. that makes an athlete look awesome. They come across strong, confident, forceful, larger than life. There’s just one problem. This lighting setup is complex, requiring at least four powerful studio strobes and nearly two hours of setup on location. But I’m all in. The time doesn’t matter. I want to create amazing images. Like this image of Nathan. When we came to the part of the shoot when we were doing the sports shots, and I showed him the back of the camera when I took this image. he was stoked. He couldn’t believe how great he l0oked in the shot. Which made all the effort worthwhile. He and his family not only got this image, but many others from the same set, because they all looked so good. Now that’s the way to go!

Tom Launius, CPP