Color Harmony


Sometimes a little thing goes a long way. In the world of art, there is a concept called “color harmony”. Colors that stand in certain relationships to one another are seen as creating specific effects. For example, colors that are similar to one another are seen as restful, while colors that are different from one another are seen as active. How, do you ask, does this apply to portrait photography? Well, one way of insuring that a person’s face will stand out in a portrait is to place them in front of a background that is similar in color to their clothing. That way, the colors of the clothing and the background become less active, while the colors of the person’s skin tones, which are different from the clothing and background color, become more active and thus stand out. Notice the beautiful portrait to the right. Even though red is a strong color, because both the dress and the background are red, their color becomes more restful, supporting and contrasting with the facial skin tones and hair color, which stand out even more vibrantly. At Oak Tree Photography, we do the big things to make your portraits wonderful, but then we do the little things that take them to an even higher level!

Tom Launius, CPP