Classic Senior Boy’s Portrait

mattonstumpI love senior portraits. I pull out all the stops and create portraits that stand the test of time. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I enjoy the process immensely. But, I admit—I have a special place in my heart for portraits of senior boys. This is because, in contrast to senior girls, few senior boys are motivated to have their pictures taken. While many senior girls dream for years about being “a fashion model for a day”, a lot of guys say, “Oh, Mom, do I have to?” For that reason, some senior boys never get their pictures taken at all. Which is sadder than sad, because then, in years to come, there will be no portrait of them in the prime of life. So, I love working with Moms in motivating their son. And I love working with the senior himself, to win him over, taking a wide variety of portraits, including ones even he thinks are cool. Now, this doesn’t mean that all senior boys are resistant to portraits, oh no, that is far from true. Consider Matt, whose portrait accompanies this post. Matt not only is handsome, and personable, but he was eager and involved. And so his images turned out fine. But, even if he hadn’t been all that motivated, his images would still have turned out great. I am so committed to senior portraits for boys, and I have learned so many ways to reach them, that it never fails for the portraits to turn out to be everything the family had hoped for, and more!

Tom Launius, CPP