Something Completely Different

As you can tell from visiting this web site, the vast majority of my photography work is portraiture. But every now and again a photography assignment drops in my lap that is more commercial in nature. Recently, I’ve been photographing completed projects designed by a local landscape architect. The locations in Tulsa have been absolutely gorgeous, and the work has given me an opportunity to do some HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. HDR photography is when a photographer takes a series of images of the same scene at different exposure levels, some lighter, some darker, some in between, then combines those images using computer software to create the best possible image. HDR photography can look surreal when overdone, but when used judiciously, HDR can produce stunning results. At the most recent landscape shoot, just as the sun had gone done and dusk had arrived, I was captivated by a small waterfall, and took a series of exposures that, when processed later on the computer, turned into the image you see above. I love the waterfall slipping over the stones, the warm light outlining the trunk of the Japanese maple, and the vivid colors of the leaves. At the risk of ending this post with a cliché, I would simply say that, as we have the eyes to see, beauty is all around us!

Tom Launius