Morkie. That’s what Bandit is—a Morkie. A Morkie is a “Designer breed” made, in this case, by crossing a Maltese with a Yorkshire Terrier. Bandit’s family, the Harrell’s, met me at my outdoor studio garden on the grounds of the Milam-Clark estate in Claremore. Bandit had personality plus! He was a great addition to the whole portrait shoot, because he was clearly such a vital part of the family. We took a lot of great family portraits with Bandit, in a more formal style. And then, as the sun was getting low and the light became dramatic, I looked at the family and said, “Time for some fun!” I popped a long, fast lens on my camera, had several members stand on either side of me (the “finish line”) and several other family members take Bandit about 25 yards away (the “starting line”) The family members with Bandit “let him go”, the family members on either side of me called for him…and did he ever fly! I tracked him with my camera’s auto-focus and reeled off the pictures, much like the photographers on the sidelines at NFL games do. Did we ever get superb action shots! The family loved them, and my favorite was also their favorite, the image you see on the right. I love the sense that Bandit is flying, full of life. The Mom with her expression and the daughter with her running to catch Bandit all make for a perfectly balanced composition. I love dogs, and I love incorporating them into portraits: they add so much, all of it wonderful!

Tom Launius, CPP