Three Brides

I love it when a family has come to trust me so well and to like my photography so much that they return again and again. So it has been with Rachel, Lauren, and Leah. Their mother was so taken by my bridal portraiture that she came back as  her daughters, from oldest to youngest, each in turn came to their wedding day. After I took their youngest daughter’s portraits, I realized that I had one portrait of each of them that would look fantastic in a unified design of all three of them together. So, I created the image you see above. I know that these type of blog posts normally gush with superlatives—after all, I’m trying to promote my photography business!—but words cannot capture how much the mother loved this design. I was pleased she was so happy with it, since that means it will hang as an heirloom image, proudly displayed in their Claremore home.

Tom Launius, CPP
Oak Tree Photography