A Second Chance

Okay, okay, you and I both know how these photography web sites work: the photographer cherry picks the best images from the best sessions, then writes glowingly about how wonderful it was: how perfect the client, how spectacular the location, how passionate the photographer, yada, yada, yada. And, certainly, my web site serves up plenty of that. But if that was all my web site offered, you would begin to suspect, not so much that I was perfect, but that I was not real. So, now is the time for true confessions: I make mistakes. And, on a senior session with Matt, I made the ultimate mistake: I lost the images. That’s right, I lost them. All. I had just gotten back from the session, I immediately went to back up the camera’s memory card to my computer and, I made a thoughtless mistake in how I inserted the card into my reader, and all the images were wiped off the card. I could have died. Literally. Died. One of the hardest calls I’ve ever had to make was to Matt’s family to fess up. To my everlasting gratitude, they were gracious. We rescheduled for the next day. And, all the pictures turned out as well, or better, than the originals. Was I ever relieved. Here is one image from that “make up” shoot. Matt is a Claremore High School senior of 2013, and this was taken on the campus of Rogers State University, where he will be attending this fall, with a four year scholarship, I might add. Way to go Matt!

Tom Launius, CPP