Not Your Average Senior Picture

Bailey not only has excelled in academics at Claremore High School, but she also is athletic. So, I wanted to be sure that we had some fun during her senior pictures, to capture that athletic side of her. For this portrait, I had her wear a volleyball jersey and hold the volleyball. Nothing extra special there! But then I lit her with three powerful strobe lights. One of them is just above the camera. And two of them are behind her to her left and behind her to her right, just outside of the frame of this picture. When the lights are balanced just right, and when you call on the person to give you that tough, Clint Eastwood, “make my day” kind of glare, then you get the kind of awesome portrait you see here: tough, confident, striking. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Bailey loved the picture. Which is great, since I sure enjoyed creating it for her!

Tom Launius, CPP