The Warm and Cool of It

With senior pictures, of course I do the traditional shots, with smiling expressions and classic poses. But I also like to mix it up, for the sake of variety and creativity. So it was that when Jamie, a 2013 Senior from Claremore High School, came to me, I figured that we would have some fun. Along with the “grandmother poses” (as traditional poses are usually called among photographers), we cut loose and I set up some different portraits. One of these portraits is very “warm”: with a red shirt and golden skin tones and a confident, almost aggressive expression on the face. The other portrait is very “cool”, with a moody downward tilt of the face and with the eyes looking away from the camera and, well, with the blue tone of the image! Jamie and his family loved both of these looks, and enjoyed the variety I created for them. Creating these senior portraits is why, after many years wasted on therapy and numerous failed medications, I am still hopelessly addicted to photography! High school seniors, in Tulsa and Rogers County, I know that this sounds like salesmanship, but I am still booking senior portraits for this Spring: time is getting late, but you can still get in touch with me for great senior pictures!

Tom Launius, CPP
Oak Tree Photography