DD Ranch Branding

A photographer’s life is varied…which keeps everything fun! Here is a HUGE set of images from a recent calf branding I had the privilege of photographing. All of these images were taken in Rogers County, Oklahoma at the ranch of Mark DeWeese. To be honest, I’m just a city boy. But the western life is mighty attractive. The cowboys I met were all men of the highest character, with a work ethic unmatched anywhere else. And they were real gentlemen.  Why, at one point during the day, one of them even lent me his horse, in the hopes that I could get some pictures from that unique point of view. I managed to do so, but I was actually paying much more attention to the horse than to the photography at that point! At least the horse was gentle and forgiving. Thanks, Spook, for taking such good care of me!

Tom Launius
Oak Tree Photography