Wedding Photography Class

Excerpt from Tulsa Technology Center Spring CatalogAs much as I love photography itself—I love the creativity and playfulness of creating images—I love teaching photography just as much. That’s why I’m thrilled that I have arranged with the good people at the Tulsa Technology Center to teach a class on wedding photography. The class went in to their Spring Catalog and, even though this was the first time a wedding photography class had ever been offered by them, it quickly filled up, and even had a few names go onto the waiting list!

The class met for the first time this past Thursday night with twelve rarin’-to-go students. They are amazing people, with a fascinating breadth of backgrounds and skills. It is going to be so much fun learning and growing together. I very much appreciate my good friend David Kennedy. He came and gave a true-to-life presentation on what it’s really like to be a wedding photography. And David should know—he has shot over 500 weddings! He gave the class members a window into all the stress and chaos that can swirl around a photographer on a wedding day, and all of the exhilaration as well.

In the weeks that the class will be offered, we’ll cover lighting and posing, of managing both self and skills throughout the wedding day, and, oh yes, the class will pay a lot of attention to the all too often neglected skills of running a profitable business. This is going to be some kind of fun!