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Once a Season

As a professional photographer, I pride myself on always getting great portraits at every portrait session. After all, that is the very definition of a professional: not someone who gets lucky every now and again, or who can capture images only under optimal conditions, but someone who can consistently, reliably, capture great images, even if […]

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A Warm Family Portrait

In nearly the hottest summer on record in Tulsa, Oklahoma, what’s a self-respecting photographer specializing in outdoor portraits to do? Why, keep right on taking portraits! Now, of course, there are limits: if there is a heat advisory, we re-schedule. But, otherwise, we go right on taking great portraits. Jason and Andrea came with their […]

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Claire’s Second Birthday Card

I enjoy so many aspects of photography: interacting with people, scoping out great locations, composing images that people like and want. But I especially enjoy putting together special products that will take those images to a special place in their lives. Such is the case with Claire. She is an absolute joy to her parents, […]

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